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Livewire Audio Solutions specializes in wedding audio and DJ services - by focusing on the different aspects to how we can make your wedding day as special as possible.  Choosing a trusted wedding DJ is probably one of the hardest and most important decisions you will face while you plan your dream wedding.


We would like to help you make this decision by sharing our visions and fundamentals - explaining why we are one of Cape Town's best wedding audio suppliers.

The LiveWire Wedding DJ Guide 



All our packages are full day packages with zero timing limitations.

We are here to focus on you, your time is our time and we make sure that we use every second of it to shine at what we do.

We believe in transparency - There will be no hidden costs or fees after the wedding allowing the couple to budget accordingly.


We do not use set pricing which means we base our quotations on the following:

-The amount of people attending your wedding

-The size of the venue

-Location of the venue and if accommodation will be required

By using this method of quoting we have established a reputation for being one of the best priced wedding service providers in Cape Town.


Presentation is everything and we take pride in how we setup our equipment, how we dress, even how we interact with the guests and other service providers.  We have received numerous reviews where couples thanked us for dressing appropriately so we decided to focus on looking the part. 


Before a wedding we arrange a meeting to discuss the order of events. We get to know our clients helping them to relax, giving them ease of mind and to show them we are experienced and more than capable to be trusted with the task at hand. We also share our recommendations with regards to new and exciting trends we see on a daily basis. Site inspections are done if we are not familiar with the wedding venue at no extra charge.


We only use state of the art equipment to ensure the highest quality of sound and to eliminate any technical issues.  Backup / extra equipment on hand is also a must for those hard to predict gremlin issues in case of plan B. We service and clean our equipment on weekly basis pro-longing the lifespan of the audio cables and fragile equipment e.g microphone receivers, wifi routers.


Customized Song Lists and audio intro's give life to a wedding, playing what the people want to hear is important to create a general acceptance towards the DJ. We use online music subscriptions for requests and dedications, allowing guests to be part of the festivities.  


Over the years we have worked with some of the world's most beautiful and luxurious wedding venues - teaching us how intricate some wedding audio setups can be. "Tricks-of-the-trade" can only be acquired  by hard work and dedication - and by learning from our mistakes. With over 10 years of live sound experience we are able to identify any possible audio issues and change them before they occur.


"We provide audio solutions" - We would like to remind our clients that we strive for perfection through ways of innovation. We see DJ'ing as an art-form with every song being a stroke on your canvas - shaped from the good times shared between family and friends.


When it comes to planning we share a passion for being well prepared. Logistics are important for any wedding to have structure and to create an even flow of events. We support the decisions of the wedding couple by being on time - always one step ahead of proceedings.   


"We are not here to be average - We are here to be awesome!".

Our goal is to be the best in the industry - and with that comes the reputation for success. Our team share the same passion when it comes to being dynamic and providing exceptional client service.


Our positive action combined with your positive thinking results in wedding-dreams that do come true. 


Cape Town 

Wedding Venues

We have listed below the wedding venues we can recommend to our clients.
We would like to thank these venues for using us as one of their wedding audio suppliers.
Krystal Beach Hotel
The One Heaven & Earth
Eensgezind Function Venue
Nitida Wine Estate
Sea Trader St Helena Bay
Du Kloofs Weddings
Knorhoek Weddings
Cavalli Wine & Stud Farm
Simonsig Wine Estate
Beloftebos Weddings
Avalon Weddings
Dieu Donné Vineyards

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